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Liquid Chromatography

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry has multiple HPLC systems for teaching and research purposes.

There are two Agilent 1220 HPLC systems with variable wavelength (190-950 nm) detectors in SSMB 115.

UV-HPLC1               UV-HPLC2

We also have two LC-MS systems (SSMB 338), which allow for direct injection for mass spectrometry analysis, as well as separation of mixtures. One is a Finnigan LCQ Advantage MS 2.0, Surveyor AS 1.4 and Surveyor LC Pump 1.4 SP1 that uses Xcalibur software.

Finnigan LCMS1         Finnigan LCMS 2

More recently we obtained a Thermo LTQ Velos Pro equipped with Ultimate 3000 pump and autosampler that uses Xcalibur software.

VelosProLCMS1               VelosProLCMS2