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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility of the College of Charleston is part of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department. It is housed in the School of Science and Mathematics Building (SSMB) in room 319.

We welcome researchers through the College. We also provide services to other local universities and industrial clients. Fees for NMR use can be found here.

The NMR facility is equipped with a Bruker AVANCE III HD-NanoBay 400 MHz spectrometer.

System: Bruker Avance III HD-Nanobay 400

Magnet: 400/54 Ascend

Probe: tuneable multinuclear probes (PABBO BB/19F-1H/D Z-GRD Z108618)

Autosampler: SampleXpress (60 positions)

Software: TopSpin 3.2 and IconNMR 4.5

400 MHz NMR

NMR autosampler           Student NMR

NMR with Drs. Barker and Boussert

Additionally, the department has two picoSpin 45 instruments, which are 45MHz 1H pulsed FT NMR spectrometers used in teaching labs (SSMB105).

picoSpin 45 MHz NMR