Faculty Research Interests

A summary of all faculty research interests is listed below. Please contact individual faculty members to inquire about faculty mentored student research opportunities.



Functionalization Chemistry on Polymers and Organic Polymer Nanoparticles

Contact Dr. Brooke Van Horn, SSMB 104, Email VanHornba@cofc.edu


Synthesis and properties of medicinal compounds

Contact Dr. Sandra Craig, SSMB 106, Email craigs@cofc.edu


Structure and function of coronavirus endonucleases

Contact Dr. Meredith Frazier, SSMB 306, Email fraziermn@cofc.edu


Chemical Analysis of Model Prebiotic Reactions

Contact Dr. Jay G. Forsythe, SSMB 112, Email Forsythejg@cofc.edu


Theoretical Studies to Model Dynamics of Gases on Surfaces

Contact Dr. Kristin D. Krantzman, SSMB 116, Email Krantzmank@cofc.edu


Spectroscopic Studies of Peptide Conformations

Contact Dr. Richard Lavrich, SSMB 120, Email Lavrichr@cofc.edu


Structural Study of Signaling Peptides and Development of Organic Reactions

Contact Dr. Mike Giuliano, SSMB 320, Email Giulianomw@cofc.edu


Structure, Function, and Evolution of Enzymes

Contact Dr. Marcello Forconi, RSSMB 302, EmailForconim@cofc.edu


Structure and Function of Mitochondrial Proteins Related to Human Disease

Contact Dr. Jennifer Fox, SSMB 304, Email Foxjl@cofc.edu


NO Biosynthesis

Contact Dr. Amy Rogers, SSMB 308, Email Rogersal@cofc.edu


Development of Nanomaterials for the Treatment of Water

Contact Dr. Kate Mullaugh, SSMB 310, Email Mullaughkm@cofc.edu


Development of New Transition Metal Catalyzed Reactions

Contact Dr. Tim Barker, SSMB 312, Email barkertj@cofc.edu


Pharmaceutical Analysis

Contact Dr. Wendy Cory, SSMB 314, Email Coryw@cofc.edu


Preparation, Characterization, Computational and Conformational Analysis of Organosilicon and Organogermanium Compounds

Contact Dr. Gamil A. Guirgis, SSMB 316, Email Guirgisg@cofc.edu


Polymer Assembly for Photovoltaic Applications

Contact Dr. David S. Boucher, SSMB 322, Email Boucherds@cofc.edu

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