Jay Forsythe

Associate Professor

Address: SSMB 112
Phone: 843-953-5052
E-mail: forsythejg@cofc.edu


B.S. Furman University 2009

Ph.D. Vanderbilt University 2014

Postdoctoral Fellow, NSF/NASA Center for Chemical Evolution, Georgia Institute of Technology 2014-2016

Research Interests

Dr. Forsythe’s research focuses on the chemistry of life’s origins. Specifically, his lab investigates properties and behaviors of model prebiotic peptides formed by environmental processes which may have occurred on the early Earth. Such work is expected to advance the field of origins-of-life chemistry while providing high-quality, hands-on training to undergraduates in mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, sample preparation, and data analysis.

Courses Taught

FYSE 109 The Origins of Life and Search for Life Elsewhere
CHEM 112 / 112L Principles of General Chemistry II
CHEM 220 / 220L Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 421L Instrumental Lab
CHEM 423 Bioanalytical Chemistry


A list of Dr. Forsythe's publications can be found here.