Advising & Registration

Access to a dedicated and knowledgeable advisor is critical to the success of our students. Until a major is declared, students will be advised by advisors in the Academic Advising and Planning Center. This document provides helpful advice for our first year students. Because of the high credit load and rigorous nature of our curriculum, it is best for students to declare their majors in Chemistry or Biochemistry as soon as possible so they are assigned an advisor in the department. Full time faculty members serve as academic advisors for chemistry and biochemistry majors and will have more detailed knowledge about course offerings, specific career paths and additional opportunities in chemistry.

Who is my advisor?

You can see who your advisor is by logging onto Degree Works. If you would like to request a change of advisor, please email our administrative assistant, Shauna Kendrick ( and include your CWID.

Do I have to meet with my advisor?

Yes, all chemistry and biochemistry majors benefit from mandatory advising. Before registration for each semester, a hold will be placed on your account that can only be lifted once your advisor confirms your meeting. Please reach out to your advisor to schedule a meeting no less than two weeks before your registration entry date.

What if I can't get into the class I want or need?

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry maintains a central waitlist for students who need to add a chemistry (CHEM) course, but the course is full. If you have a request for a course other than chemistry, please contact the department that offers that particular course. You will be notified via email when or if you are added to your requested course. Note: Please make sure you are logged into Google with your email when clicking on the waitlist link above.

When can I expect my courses to be offered?

The table below indicates the typical rotation of full term courses offered each semester and over the summer. The department does not typically offer courses in Maymester, and low enrollments in summer courses sometimes necessitates planned sections must be canceled. There are routine Express II offerings (CHEM 103 and CHEM 230) during the academic year. You should inquire with your advisor about the frequency of other upper level and special topics classes not included below.




CHEM 101/101L


CHEM 102/102L



CHEM 111/111L

CHEM 112/112L

CHEM 220/220L


CHEM 231/231L

CHEM 232/232L

CHEM 311/312L



CHEM 341/341L



CHEM 342/342L



CHEM 351


CHEM 352


CHEM 354


CHEM 371



CHEM 421/412L



CHEM 422



CHEM 490



CHEM 492



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