Majors Handbook

The handbook for majors contains lots of useful information and advice for our students. Please contact your advisor if you have further questions about academic programs in chemistry and biochemistry or undergraduate research opportunities.

The handbook contains:

Information about our faculty
Information about our staff 
History of the department
Location of rooms in NSCB
Guidance on what you can do with a BA/BS from our department
Opportunities of doing research
Advising information for majors and minors
Information about student professional organizations related to our department
Overview of the chemistry/biochemistry curriculum
Information for health professional careers
Common minors/secondary majors for Chemistry or Biochemistry majors
Departmental policy statements 
Departmental award and scholarship information
Departmental instrumentation list
Listing of graduates of the department  (coming soon!
Directions for preparation of a Bachelor’s Essay in Chemistry or Biochemistry

For prospective students or prospective majors, we also have a one page flier with information about our degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry.

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