Additional Student Opportunities

Once you’ve declared your major, it’s important that you establish regular contact with your advisor, your professors, and with the department office staff. They can be tremendous resources for you and help you maximize your college experience.

For example, there might be departmental scholarships, internships or new sources of financial aid, for which you qualify. To find out what’s available and the eligibility requirements contact the department office.  You can also contact the office that coordinates Nationally Competetive Awards to learn about and apply for highly competetive scholarship opportunities.

Part-time jobs, internships, service learning and volunteering will play an integral part in your preparation for the future. The faculty and staff in your major area will provide you with wonderful networking opportunities.

Students are encouraged to participate in a faculty mentored undergraduate research project. 

Extracurricular activities can enhance your classroom experiences. There are more than 150 clubs and organizations for you to consider, most of which will help you hone your leadership skills, help you connect with students who share your interests, and in some cases, expand your academic experience.

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