Full Time Faculty and Staff

Please visit jobs.cofc.edu for full time positions available in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.

Adjunct Faculty

Part-time and full-time adjunct position availability is constantly changing.  Applicants must possess a master’s degree, present transcripts, provide a CV with the names and contact information of three references, and submit a letter of interest indicating teaching strategy, area of competencies and scheduling flexibility.  Application materials should be sent by surface mail or email to the chair.  

Work-Study Student Employment

Students who qualify for work study and have a background in Chemistry or Chemistry safety are needed to work in the stockroom and in assisting in labs. Please contact our Stockroom Manager at 843-953-8092.  You must have completed the lab you wish to assist in or have completed a higher level lab. 

Students who qualify for work study are needed to work in the main office. Experience in Chemistry is not required, but is desired for this position. Please contact Shauna Kendrick (kendrickcd@cofc.edu, 843-953-5587) in SSMB 324.

See below for more resources for careers in chemistry.

Internships and Co-ops

Academic credit is available by taking CHEM 381: Chemistry Internship (1-4 hours credit).

CHEM 381: Catalog Description

A field internship in a non-academic lab. A faculty advisor will be appointed to award the grade to be received. Arrangements for an internship must be made by the student prior to the semester in which it is carried out. One hour of credit will be awarded for each 45 lab hours completed; a maximum of four credit hours may be earned. Prerequisites and other restrictions:  Junior or senior status with at least a 2.5 GPA both overall and in the Chemistry or Biochemistry major. This course is repeatable for credit with a maximum of four credit hours that may be earned. The student is required to keep a journal recounting each days' activities as well as recording insights gained. A written report summarizing their experience is required as well as a letter of evaluation from the field supervisor.

Academic Credit

In order to receive credit students must complete the Application for Individual Enrollment form, available through the departmental secretary of Chemistry and Biochemistry. This form must be filled out for each semester in which credit is to be received.

Finding an Internship and Co-op Programs

Through the Career Center cooperative programs are available whereby a student works alternately full-time one semester with attending classes full-time the next. Students may earn credit for an internship as described above with the limitations as stated. Students are also encouraged to find their own opportunities and contact the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry for approval.

The American Chemical Society has information on Interships for Undergraduate Students in Chemistry that you can search for by region or state, area of interest, and type (coop, internship, summer, part-time, etc.).

Other Resources

Both the College of Charleston Career Center and the American Chemical Society also excellent sources of information about job opportunities for our graduates.

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