Liquid Chromatography

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry has multiple HPLC systems for teaching and research purposes. Two Agilent 1220 HPLC systems with variable wavelength (190-950 nm) detectors are used in Principles of Chemistry Lab (CHEM 112L), Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry Lab (CHEM 220L), Environmental Chemistry Lab (CHEM 422L), and faculty-mentored student research.

Brison Shira Biochem 2023               

Our LC-MS system (SSMB 338) is a Thermo LTQ Velos Pro, which is used in Biochemistry Lab (CHEM 354L), Instrumental Lab (421L), Environmental Chemistry Lab (CHEM 422L), Bioanalytical Chemistry Lab (CHEM 483L), Industrial Chemistry Lab (CHEM 483L), and faculty-mentored student research. The LC-MS was funded by the National Science Foudation Major Research Instrumentation Program in 2012.

VelosProLCMS1               VelosProLCMS2

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