The Department has a fall seminar series each year associated with the course CHEM 490. Seminars this year are held every other Thursday at 12:15 pm in SSMB 138. You can contact the seminar coordinator, Dr. Kate Mullaugh, if you have questions.



Sept. 1


Dr. Sondrica Goines (2018 grad)

Cameron Twitty (2018 grad)


Sept. 22


Dr. Mohammed Baalousha (UofSC)

"Discovery and Potential Ramifications of Incidental Nanomaterials in Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Ashes"


 Oct. 6


Dr. Leah Casabianca (Clemson)

"Examination of Binding Between Small Molecules and Polystyrene Nanoparticles Using NMR Methods"


Oct. 20


Dr. Sarah Keane (U of Michigan)

Functional roles of non-coding RNA in disease progression


Nov. 3


Dr. Jeremiah Gassensmith (UT-Dallas)

MOF vaccines, programmable biomaterials, imaging agents


Nov. 17


Dr. R. Thomas Williamson (UNCW)

NMR for determination of complex molecular structure and drug discovery


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